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Andrew Kramer
Director, Investor Relations

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Where we are and where we are going

In recent years, Interactive Data has grown steadily through a combination of acquisitions and organic expansion to establish itself as one of the world’s largest providers of financial information. With a customer base that includes many of the world’s largest and most innovative financial institutions, a direct presence that extends across more than 30 offices on four continents, and an extensive network of redistributors around the world, Interactive Data’s offerings play an invaluable role in support of critical applications across the front, middle and back office of financial institutions.

Interactive Data moves forward as a trusted, tier-one provider of mission critical market data, analytics and related solutions relied upon by financial institutions worldwide for use across their enterprises. With its global distribution channels, extensive content and a fortified technical infrastructure, Interactive Data continues to innovate and deliver high-quality offerings and responsive support to address its customers’ needs.

The 2,400 people of Interactive Data share a common culture where a relentless focus on addressing customer needs has produced long-term, enduring client relationships. Having integrated numerous acquisitions over the past decade and extended its reach across Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, today’s Interactive Data is focused on leveraging its vast array of content, capabilities and distribution channels. As a result, we are continually advancing the way we collect, process and derive financial market data and deliver our services, analytics and related solutions to customers.

Having built a strong reputation for high-quality content, reliable service delivery and responsive support, Interactive Data is innovating to develop new offerings and capabilities that are aimed at continuing to help customers adapt to powerful, dynamic trends affecting their businesses such as heightened scrutiny on their valuation processes, increased regulation, the proliferation of automated trading systems and the need to differentiate their wealth management platforms. With a strong financial foundation, Interactive Data has the resources to fund critical development projects, enhance its technical infrastructure and add new capabilities and content in ways that will further fortify the trust it has earned with customers around the world.

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