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Director, Investor Relations

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From the Chairman of the Board

Rona Fairhead“I continue to be impressed by the resilience of Interactive Data’s business, which I believe is a reflection of the Company’s unwavering focus on its customers. The Company produced another year of record results in 2008 and successfully transitioned its leadership during the first quarter of 2009 when Ray D’Arcy succeeded Stuart Clark as president and chief executive officer. The Board would like to express its deep gratitude to Stuart Clark for all he has achieved at Interactive Data and wish him well in retirement. Ray’s 30 years of experience at Interactive Data, including the past two-plus decades leading the Company’s various institutional sales organizations, provides for a great deal of continuity and stability, and further cultivates a customer-centric culture. On behalf of the entire Board, we look forward to working with Ray on the activities and strategies that will drive Interactive Data’s continued success and prosperity well into the future.”

Rona Fairhead, Chairman of the Board

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