To Interactive Data’s Shareholders

Ray D'Arcy

On March 2, 2009, I became Interactive Data’s president and chief executive officer. Although I am new to this role, I have spent the past 30 years at Interactive Data in a variety of senior management roles. For the past 23 years, I have been focused on leading the teams responsible for driving the Company’s revenue growth, supporting our clients and elevating our position in the financial information industry. With a successful 2008 behind us, I wanted to take this opportunity to offer my perspective on Interactive Data’s current market position, key strengths and what we consider to be our most attractive growth opportunities as we move forward.

Market Leadership

Over the course of my career, Interactive Data has grown organically and through acquisitioninteractive from a small company with a primary focus on the U.S. marketplace into a global, publicly traded financial information leader with over 2,400 employees committed to delivering a broad range of high-value offerings that span the back, middle and front offices of our institutional customers. Leading our institutional sales and other client-facing teams over the past two decades has reinforced my conviction that Interactive Data’s biggest asset is the trust we have earned with our customers. My objective going forward will be to identify and implement the initiatives required to leverage the position we’ve worked so hard to attain with our customers around the world and create greater value for all of our key stakeholders.

“Focusing on our customers’ high-priority and
mission-critical needs is a key element in successfully navigating the current challenging environment.”

The skill sets and capabilities across Interactive Data are impressive and quite complementary. I strongly believe in the “One Company, One Vision” initiative we’ve put into place in recent years. It enables us to deliver a cohesive, compelling message to the marketplace and it is also important in advancing our efforts to effectively and efficiently respond to our customers’ needs in terms of product development and support. We plan to build upon these efforts in 2009 as we seek to extend our leadership in areas such as evaluations and reference data; maximize the fixed income expertise resident across our organization; drive further adoption of our services in the real-time datafeeds market; and take advantage of our capabilities and offerings to distinguish Interactive Data in the wealth management sector.

We recognize that market conditions in 2009 will likely remain uncertain as we strive to expand our business globally. The U.S. and other major economies are struggling; many of our institutional clients will likely be cautious about their spending on market data and related services, amid overall pressure to contain or reduce costs; and significant merger activity among some of our institutional customers during the past year could impact service downgrades and new sales as they advance their integration efforts. Not withstanding these challenges, we are optimistic about our ability to continue growing in 2009 through a combination of organic expansion and acquisitions.

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