NETSCOUT’s service assurance and cybersecurity solutions are enabling the world’s largest and most innovative organizations to optimize network performance, ensure delivery of mission-critical services and applications, gain insight into the end-user experience, and protect the network from attack as they navigate the latest technology trends.


Enterprises worldwide are accelerating major digital transformation initiatives, such as cloud migration, for business continuity and contingency planning, to improve the delivery of new products and services, to enhance mission-critical operational workflows, and to drive operational and capital efficiency — all while taking overall quality, performance, and security to new levels. To keep pace with this innovation, CIOs, IT operations, and security teams are turning to NETSCOUT for a holistic approach to real-time network, application and infrastructure performance management based on end-to-end visibility into all service delivery interdependencies. This holistic approach includes assurance across physical and virtual, on-premises and off-premises, and in private and public clouds. We refer to this as “Visibility Without Borders” and believe it enables organizations to innovate while maintaining control in the ever-changing world.

NETSCOUT’s ability to capture and analyze wire data in real-time is helping drive increased collaboration between network and security operations teams as well. NETSCOUT’s new Omnis Security solution integrates the Company’s historical strength in packet forensics with Arbor’s robust cybersecurity intelligence to create the most advanced threat response platform in the industry to provide unmatched visibility, analytics and protection required to secure any infrastructure, anywhere, anytime. This enables network and security teams to work faster and more efficiently to identify and investigate potential network-based cybersecurity threats and breaches. Finally, as enterprises start to take advantage of 5G networks and technologies, NETSCOUT is uniquely positioned to facilitate and secure the burgeoning Internet-of-Things (IOT) applications, ranging from autonomous vehicles and industrial control systems to supply chain automation, telemedicine, virtual reality, and gaming. NETSCOUT’s extensive expertise and deep relationships with both enterprises and service providers can help bridge the 5G gap for our customers.

Service Provider

Across fixed line, 3G, 4G and 5G network architectures, NETSCOUT’s service assurance solutions are helping digital service providers gain end-to-end, real-time, reliable visibility into their network and the services they deliver over them. As a result, service providers gain timely insight into network problems, quickly pinpoint issues, automate key processes, and better understand the subscriber experience. As Tier-one operators across North America and other major geographic regions invest in 5G, NETSCOUT is 5G ready. We are well-positioned to leverage our incumbency to help carriers in each phase of the network lifecycle from planning and launch to monetization and optimization.

Carriers worldwide also rely on NETSCOUT’s market-leading smart DDoS solutions to detect and mitigate an ever-expanding range of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and other cybersecurity threats that are aimed at disrupting network or service availability. As cyberattacks increase in frequency, volume and complexity, NETSCOUT’s enhanced capabilities are enabling service providers to realize significant benefits, including increased efficiency of their DDoS defenses and broader network infrastructure; greater insight into their network topologies, customers and traffic patterns via powerful, big data analytics and visualizations; and opportunities to monetize their investment in NETSCOUT technology through managed services for their enterprise customers. We have also launched solutions to meet carriers’ most demanding mobile security challenges.