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Reflecting on 2020, I would like to start by thanking everyone who contributed to the successful operation of our business during these challenging times that were headlined by the COVID-19 pandemic, including frontline workers, first responders, our tenants and their employees, FSP employees, our vendors and service providers, our Board of Directors, and of course, our shareholders. Notwithstanding the specific challenges caused by the pandemic, for full-year 2020, our monthly rental collections averaged approximately 99% and we achieved approximately 1,130,000 square feet of total leasing with new tenants, renewals and expansions.

For 2021, we are focused on two primary objectives: leasing progress and debt reduction. From a leasing perspective, we anticipate the potential for growing office space demand in our markets as a result of an improved economic situation due to increasing access to both therapeutics and vaccines. We believe that users of office space are now reconsidering the office densification trends of the past approximately 20 years. We also believe that, even with the continuation of some planned for level of remote/work-from-home flexibility, the potential reversal or slowing of office densification could bode well for future office space absorption. Our 2021 leasing focus includes both increased economic occupancy and longer-term renewals of existing tenants. We believe that successful leasing efforts will translate into higher property valuations.

In terms of debt reduction, we believe that the sale of our Emperor Boulevard property in Durham, North Carolina on December 23, 2020 for $89.7 million demonstrated our ability to identify and dispose of a property that we viewed as having reached its valuation objective, and then to apply substantially all of the proceeds to the repayment of debt. FSP intends to build upon our sale of Emperor Boulevard by pursuing additional dispositions, particularly where we believe that embedded values of properties may not be appropriately reflected in the price of our common stock, and then to apply the proceeds from any such dispositions primarily for the repayment of debt. We believe that further debt reduction will provide greater financial flexibility and position the Company for stronger shareholder returns. Accordingly, we have introduced full year 2021 disposition guidance in the range of approximately $350 million to $450 million in aggregate gross proceeds.

FSP remains committed to its Sunbelt and Mountain-West office focus that emphasizes markets/properties with compelling long-term population and employment growth potential. We look forward to 2021 with anticipation and optimism.

Thank you for your continued support.

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George J. Carter

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer