2016 Annual Report

What we do

NetScout's software analytics capture and transform terabytes of high-quality network traffic data in real time into high-value, actionable information that enable customers to optimize network performance, manage applications, enhance security and gain insight into the end-user experience. The Company's solutions help answer a variety of time-sensitive and mission critical questions that both service providers and enterprise face on a daily basis given the impact that their networks have on the end user experience, which in turn has tangible impact on their top and bottom lines of their businesses:

Is the user experiencing difficulty in connecting to our network?

What are my least profitable customers doing when they are on the network?

Should we invest more in capacity or can I better optimize my current investment?

Why are my VoLTE calls being dropped?

Where is my network traffic surging and why can't my users get into our portals?

Why can't my users access Citrix, SharePoint, Oracle, etc.?

Why do calls into my contact center sound so choppy and distorted?

Why is this server behaving differently and does this pose a security risk?