2016 Annual Report

NetScout: At the Epicenter of Major Computing and Technology Trends

The world's largest and most innovative service providers and enterprises recognize that their network and technology infrastructures are fundamental to their continued success — downtime, poor service quality and compromised security can have tangible, long-lasting and even irreparable consequences. NetScout's patented, proprietary software technology and analytics instantaneously transform all of a customers' network traffic into high-value, timely and actionable information, enabling customers to advance their technology initiatives with confidence. NetScout's service assurance and cybersecurity solutions are playing a critical role in helping customers with an expanding range of high-priority projects including: a

  • Virtualizing key network functions
  • Migrating applications to public cloud environments
  • Quickly launching customized software applications into production
  • Delivering high-quality Voice-over-LTE and video services
  • Enhancing the performance of WiFi networks
  • Protecting the network from increasingly sophisticated attacks

Fiscal 2017 promises to be an exciting year of transition as NetScout delivers new and enhanced products to the marketplace to support its customers' digital transformation plans and help them further extend visibility and security across their network and IT infrastructure.