Franklin Street Properties Corp. 2012 Annual Report

Sustainability Centered

The sustainability of our portfolio of properties remains a central area of focus for FSP. Commercial buildings are one of the main consumers of energy and also greatly affect other areas of environmental concern such as water and materials. FSP actively manages its properties to mitigate the adverse effects of the built environment, while at the same time maximizing tenant comfort and shareholder returns.

The optimization of our energy use is a particular area of emphasis. Our portfolio includes buildings that are rated in the top percentile in the nation for energy efficiency. A significant percentage of FSP’s owned or asset-managed buildings have earned the ENERGY STAR label, denoting that their energy performance is among the top 25% of similar properties.

The measurement, benchmarking and analysis of the energy use at our buildings allow FSP to identify the properties that would most benefit from additional sustainability resources as well as track the progress of our efforts. In the coming year, FSP will be enhancing its energy monitoring and benchmarking capabilities to provide for further opportunities for cost savings throughreduced energy consumption.

An additional resource that FSP uses as a tool to measure and improve building-wide sustainability is the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) rating system. Through LEED, properties in FSP’s portfolio have been recognized for superior site and water management, material use and indoor environmental quality.

FSP’s commitment to the sustainability of its commercial properties not only improves the health of the environment, but also benefits the occupants of its buildings as well as the Company’s stockholders.

Compelling Opportunities

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